Liquid Health Pop-Up Studio


What, if we found a way to activate directly the regenerative potential of our body and immune system? Trigger stem cell reactivation in skin and hair to repair stress damages immediately. Activating individualized renal and liver detoxication? There is the idea of vitamin-infusions for better health and feel-well. Ingredients our body is normally taking from regular food. Fluid that can be covered by 2 liters of water a day under normal conditions.

The ACQUA Medical Spa is part of the ACQUA Clinic, which was awarded with the “German Clinic Award” in Leipzig in 2019. The team presents the world first Blueprint Stem Cell Navigation (BSCN) to the market of infusions, vitamindrips, etc. And bringing the method to a completely new level.

They have proven the impact of BSCN since 2014 with more than 4.000 patients in medical treatments. The ACQUA Medical Spa has a scientific background with the medical pioneers around Professor Gero Strauss (Germany) and Professor Eckkhard Alt (United States). They are producing in their own Regenerative Lab, certified at the ACQUA Clinic Leipzig, Germany.

First Pop-Up studio

In collaboration with Roomers in Frankfurt the ACQUA Clinic now opened the first Liquid Health Pop-Up Studio, which offers the professional treatment for strengthening the immune system by the clinic‘s team. A treatment costs EUR 95, an infusion lasts between 15 and 25 Minutes. Appointments only.


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